We offer boat transfers from Mersing. We aim to make sure the boat leaves at the most convenient time for all of our guests. You will be collected when the boat is ready to depart.

Weekday transfers:
Weekday transfers leave between noon and 3pm and exact times depend on guest arrivals and island supply deliveries.

Weekend transfers:
On Fridays we have boats departing throughout the evening, with the last boat departing at midnight. On Sundays we hav boats departing from around 1.30-6.30pm depending on when groups wish to leave. For weekend transfers there is an element of flexibility depending on how large the group is and when you wish to depart.

We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements. However, please note that the boats convey multiple groups of guests and occasional delays in departure are beyond our control. Alang’s Rawa is not responsible for personal travel arrangements and will not issue any refunds for missed reservations.

If you have a specific bus or taxi reservation and need to leave the island by a certain time we strongly recommend that you inform us of this at the time of making your reservation as otherwise we cannot guarantee your arrival time back in Mersing.

Any departures outside our standard transfer times will need to take a private boat charter. This is charged from RM250 per boat, one way (if our own boat is available) and from RM350 one way (if a charter boat needs to be hired.) These prices may vary depending on group size.

Extra Guests:
Occasionally we are asked to transport guests who are staying on the other resort on the island (Rawa Safaris). Extra guests on a standard transfer trip (if there is room available) are charged at RM50 one way before 9pm and at RM60 after 9pm.